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So you have just been tasked to head your email marketing division at work. Brad, the last guy, was too busy checking Facebook at work and wasn’t doing his job. You are a techy person; they figure you can handle it. However, much to your protest that you have never done email marketing before, they laugh it off jovially and say that you will do great. After you have selected the best email marketing software and before the panic sets in, you are in good hands. We’ll help you avoid some of the worst email marketing mistakes.

avoidable email marketing mistakes

The King of Email Marketing Mistakes: Boring Subject Lines

No one likes boring subject lines. We mean no one. “Offer Ends Soon, $10 Off!” is not an enticing email subject line. Think outside the box for a moment – what would make you take an extra 15 seconds out of your life and open the email?

You will want to consider wording it differently while getting the same point across. How about “Don’t Open If You Don’t Want To Save $10!” I want to save $10! That is like five tacos on Taco Tuesday!

Not Keeping Track of Analytics

There is only one way to know how well your email marketing campaign is doing, and that is to keep track of the analytics. By this, we mean, keeping track of how many emails you sent, the open rate of the emails, how many clicks to your call to action, and any other KPIs (key performance indicators) you would like to track.

Not every email marketing campaign is the same. Discuss your goals for this campaign with your team, so you know what to track for that particular campaign. In time you will get the hang of what’s important to monitor.

Sending From a “Do Not Reply” Email

Humans are social animals, according to Aristotle. We want that friendly smile and warm embrace, even on a virtual level. Sending from a “Do Not Reply” can come across as robotic or cold.

Instead, use your name if you feel comfortable. Alternatively, anything other than donotreply, admin, info, or noreply will work fine.

Focusing More on Yourself and Not the Customer

Ever visit a brand’s website, or get an email about how excellent their products are, and give you ten reasons for why you should buy them? Has it worked for you? Of course not. It did not address your concerns or needs.

What you should always keep in the back of your mind are the customers and their needs. Reframe your mind to think “ten reasons our product can benefit you” instead of “ten reasons our product is the best.” Your email campaign will come across as more genuine and more relatable.

Sending Too Many Emails

Our final mistake that happens far too often is sending too many emails (and sending too few emails, but that’s a whole different conversation). It is annoying. People get enough noise in their inbox as it is. Your twice-daily newsletter has a low probability of changing any minds.

Once you get into the rhythm, it will be easier to avoid these common email marketing mistakes. Focus on quality over quantity. Include the most important talking points in fewer emails. This way, every email will be a winner, and you will stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

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