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Review of Software:

Benchmark offers these campaign types and services:

  • Email
  • Automation Pro (in Beta Testing)
  • Sign up Forms
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • AB Testing
  • Targeted Emailing
  • Listbuilder


  • Free accounts up to 2,000 email subscribers and 14,000 sends per month
  • Low price start-up plan
  • Prepay discounts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Abundance of templates and layouts
  • Easy to use list builders
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • A/B Testing
  • Automation tool

How to Set-Up:

After the initial sign-up, the first step to getting started in a free trial is to check your inbox for a verification email.

getting started
Getting Started with Benchmark

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, move to the next step. Start to plug in your contact information. Then create a username and a password. Lastly, you will be legally required to provide a physical address.

How to Use:

When you are ready to create an email, you will start by filling out the following sections first: the subject line, the from name, the email name. Be sure to fill out the from email address, and the reply email address. Furthermore, some of the advanced options will include a permission reminder. As well as the ability to preview text, auto posting the email to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Analytics tracking. Consider using these things when drafting your next email campaign. Many of Benchmark’s features are meant to help simplify your workload by offering tools that will help you get organized.

Follow these email stages:

  • Describe the email
  • Choose the list
  • Create/Edit the email
  • Schedule the email

The first stage will consist of you entering all of the pre-send details such a subject, who it’s from, who to reply to, and any permission messages. Once you’ve completed this task, choose your recipient list to whom you’d like to send the email.

how to set up an email campaign
Campaign Setup Part 1

benchmark email campaign setup step 2
Campaign Setup Part 2

Thereafter, you can proceed to the editing phase, at which point, you will be offered three tab options. Those being layouts, templates, and past emails.

Styling Your Email

You will have 8 layouts choices. These range from the number of columns and/or sidebars to it being just a simple canvas. Benchmark has over 200 populated templates to choose from. You can filter through these templates by type, industry, calendar holiday, social integration, international, and other. Birthdays and seasonal are just a couple of examples of these other templates. Plus, the templates are offered in four different languages.

Once you pick your desired template, the drag and drop editor comes into play. The tabs come in two styles, blocks and global. The blocks include images, image blocks, image cards, text. In addition to boxed text, video, dividers, buttons, social follow, social share, and navigation bar for links. And, there are options within these, as well. Global styles include colors for the background, preheader, header, body, body 2, footer, and email border. In sum, there are 27 theme swatches.

benchmark layout options
Available Layout Options

Finalize Email

After you’ve completed the design and you’ve constructed your email message, you can preview, test, save your work, or schedule it to send. However, it is important to consider which email address you plan on using before sending the email. Benchmark warns their customers of the possibility that their deliverability rates may be affected if you use your public email address. It’s recommended that you use a business email or a Benchmark appointed email address.

Automation Pro

Automation Pro is a tool that allows you to create and automate customer journeys. Journeys are a set of elements or modules that automatically perform specific tasks. And, as a result, you can create journeys to convert leads into customers or to re-engage lost customers. You can do this by examining such numbers as the total of emails they’ve opened, clicked on, or pages visited.

benchmark pro options
Benchmark Pro


Benchmark’s free plan lets you send email marketing campaigns up to 2,000 subscribers and 14,000 email sends a month. Pay plans start at $11.95 per month for 600 subscribers and unlimited sends. The next option is at $18.95 per month for 1,000 subscribers and unlimited sends. The third option is at $24.95 per month for 1,500 subscribers and unlimited sends, and so forth and so forth. Plans go up to 50,000 subscribers.

Monthly plans will be offered at full price. However, Benchmark does offer some discounts. Receive a 10% discount on a 6-month Pre-Pay Plan. Or a 15% discount on a 12-month Pre-Pay Plan.


If you are looking for an easy to use email marketing service, Benchmark is a great choice for your business needs. It offers an extensive list of editing options. Also, it has a multitude of professional-looking templates. On the whole, their free plan option is unbeatable. We hope you enjoyed our Benchmark review.

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    • Etc.
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