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Review of Software:

Constant Contact offers these campaign types:

  • Email
  • Surveys
  • Autoresponders
  • Coupons
  • Donations
  • Events

Furthermore, they recently updated their editing system to drag and drop style which enables the user to create email campaigns quicker and simpler. They have shortened the steps and reduced the options so creating an email for the challenged or non-marketing expert is easier than ever.

getting started
Getting Started with Constant Contact


As one of the leading email marketing email providers, Constant Contact has several tools to help businesses and non-profits grow their base and improve communications with their subscribers. They provide personal coaches by phone that will help you with your design and also connect you with locally trained experts that can meet with you in person to assist you with your account set-up and email designs.

Additional Features:

  • Free trial accounts for 60 days with no credit card required
  • Low pricing for smaller email lists
  • Prepay discounts for email and email plus accounts
  • Non-profit prepay for deeper discounts
  • Free accounts for national Organizations like Chambers of Commerce
  • Easy account set-up
  • Multiple sign up tools to capture opt-in subscribers
  • Variety of customized mobile-friendly templates
  • Professional look
  • Ease of use
  • Extensive editing options
  • Periodical pricing sales for up to 1st three months of service
  • Comprehensive resource list of marketing help
  • Local live educational workshops
  • Product training webinars
  • Award-winning customer service

How to Set-Up:

Without a doubt the set-up of a Constant Contact account is a relatively simple and straightforward process. All you need to do is go to to either start a free 60-day trial or buy now. You will need to enter your basic contact information.

how to sign up
Sign-Up Today!

Then create a username and password and answer some questions about your business. Afterward, you can upload email lists to Constant Contact quickly and easily.

How to Use:

The first step in creating an email is to choose the campaign type.

how to select a campaign type
Select Your Campaign Type

Standard Email:

So, let’s start with regular email. This option includes standard templates for newsletters, press releases, letters, cards, flyers, news, specials, education, announcements, RSVP’s, fundraisers, Thank you messages, news, holiday greetings, and more.

Email Automation:

Next is email automation, also, known as autoresponders. Email automation is a series of emails premade by the user that triggers the next email in a series after the subscriber takes an initial action on the email page.


Event emails include a separate registration page where subscribers can rsvp for an event and pay to attend the event (if there is a fee associated with it) by hitting a link or button. Basically, the software keeps track of the registrants in a database for an easy print-out or check-ins on a smartphone.


Additionally, coupons can be created within an email offering a percentage or dollar amount discount, and Constant Contact keeps track of the redeemed offers.


Surveys are like a questionnaire. So, you can choose from a customizable survey template with sample questions to use as a guide or start with a blank survey. Moreover, you can set it up with multiple choice, yes or no answers, create text boxes, etc..

Also, donation emails are used to collect money for a particular cause or fundraiser.

Once you decide on the type of campaign, you will select a template based on that selection.

templates and themes
Template Examples

Therefore here we’ll talk about the “basic” email campaign or regular email, as often referred by such companies as to Constant Contact. After you click on the template of choice, a series of design options will appear. The 3rd generation editor or drag and drop style editor works like this. There are three tabs where you make your main design choices after choosing your customizable, mobile-friendly template.

These three tab options are as such: Build, Images, Design

build images and design
Build, Images, and Design Tabs


This is where you create the blocks or sections and the layout of your email campaign. The block choices are as follows: text or content, images, a button, a divider, a spacer, social media icons that will connect to your networks, and video. With this in mind, you can drag any of these options from where they lie, into your email template to begin crafting your campaign. There are several layouts that you can choose from, and then you can customize as you like.

layout options
Layout Options

Specifically, the layout looks as such:

  • Main heading text
  • Heading text with color background
  • Two column text left & image right
  • Two images side-by-side with two columns of text beneath and the same combination with a color background OR two images left column and two text columns to the right
  • Option for a coupon

After you insert any of these options, you can then move them around the page using the drag and drop feature. You can also edit these features and duplicate the blocks or delete if you wish. As you craft the email, the Constant Contact program will autosave the changes. If you leave the page but want to continue editing at a later time, the draft saves automatically, and you can log back into your account at any time to work on the same campaign. At this point, you should name your campaign for your reference only. Again, the flexibility of the program lets you change the name even after you have sent out the email.


Here is the library where you can either upload your images in jpg format or pdf document that you convert to a picture within the editor, or you can choose from Constant Contact’s extensive library of free and paid imagery. You can choose from a search bar and a categories list. Within the images, the editor, there are many options. Unquestionably, these options are vast and include cropping, adding text, stickers, frames, filters, sizing, memes, etc. You can also create your photos with text using a program like Canva and insert it in place of building up the layout with a caveat. Some subscribers may have their computer images hidden, and they will only see text in their inbox and no picture.

uploading an image
Area to Upload Images


This is where you get creative with font type, font size, font colors, inner and outer borders, patterns for borders, decorative dividers, spacing, etc. To point out, Constant Contact has recently added a new background design feature within patterns. For instance, you can upload your photo or pattern that will be repeated as the backdrop for your email and will serve as an outer border to the whole layout. To point out, one drawback with text is that there is no line-height spacing option.

design tab
Styling Your Email


Anyone can start a free 60 day trial with no credit card required. With the trial, there are some restrictions on the usage compared to a paid account. You can send as many emails as you like in a month but you are limited to sending to 100 subscribers. In general, 60 days is plenty of time to explore the service and see if it is beneficial to your business or non-profit.

In detail, the paid feature starts at $20 per month (for regular email) for up to 500 subscribers. Not to mention, the email plus feature adds such options as autoresponders, event marketing, etc. It starts at $45 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

In short, Constant Contact also offers custom marketing services at a premium cost.


If you already know the benefits of using email marketing to grow your business, then consider an account with Constant Contact. You can sign up for monthly payments, 6-month prepayments with a discount and an annual fee with a discount and cancel at any time. Most importantly, there are no contracts. If you are new to learning what email marketing is and not sure if it is something you want to do, then a trial period of 60 days is for you. Given these points, we hope you enjoyed our 2018 Constant Contact review.

Additional Resources:

constant contact resources

In addition, the following list of resources is offered by Constant Contact.

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    • Integrated Marketing Services
  • Blog & Resources
    • Customer Success Stories
    • Email Marketing
    • Event Marketing
    • Fresh Insights
    • NonProfit
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    • Surveys & Feedback
  • Seminars & Training
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    • Etc.
  • FAQs & Tutorials
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