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Review of Software:

  • iContact offers these campaign types and services
  • Email
  • Social media publishing
  • Marketing Automation

In addition to these do it yourself services, iContact has a professional design service where their team will create the templates for your emails, convert your messages from a pdf, image or text file, repair messages that might not be up to par and create sign-up forms for your website and Facebook pages.

Team up with a Dedicated Strategic Advisor, for a premium fee who will provide personalized, one-on-one help with planning, execution, and optimization of your digital marketing efforts.


iContact is a seasoned marketing service plus and has the easy-to-use technology. iContact’s award-winning support has been earned due to their reach by phone, online chat, and email tech support, not restricted to paying customers. All users have unlimited access to their technical support team.

Additional Features:

  • Live phone customer service on weekdays (with paid account)
  • Live chat customer service on weekdays
  • Easy to set up account
  • User-friendly software
  • Video tutorials
  • Offers autoresponders
  • Opportunity to create and send an A/B Split test
  • 30-day free trial, no credit card required
  • More than just an email marketing service provider

How to Set-Up:

The free 30-day trial does not require a credit card.They ask for your first and last name, the company name, phone number, email, password, list size (don’t worry if it’s not big, there is a “just getting started” option in the drop-down), and a checkbox to agree to terms. All these fields are required. Another option is to sign-in using one of the few social media sites they list and within five seconds, you have access to your account.

how to set up icontact
Setting Up iContact

Furthermore, you can add contacts by a number ways. You can upload them from a file, add them one by one, copy and paste their information, or create your own list by using a sign-up form. To add contacts, you must first confirm your email address by completing the verification process by gaining access to an email from iContact.

icontact free trial
Free Trial Options

How to Use:

Let’s start. The first step will be to choose your email layout.

iContact works on the drag and drop editing system. There are 12 designs from which you can choose. The other option is to either make an HTML or plain-text message. After selecting a layout, you will choose from six themes. One of those being a default theme. Some of the design choices will include light, dark, geometric, stars, and ornate. The background pattern, color, header, and text font with be determined by your theme choice.

icontact templates
Template Examples

Now, when you start the editing process, refer to the Content Blocks for access to the drag and drop feature. Use this tool when designing you email canvas to edit and include such things as text, images, buttons, dividers, HTML code, and/or social media links.

content blocks
Styling Your Emails

Lastly, remember to include a subject line. Unfortunately, there is no preview text option. This feature is often not offered by most email marketing software companies. To continue, you can drag and move the blocks to other places on the page, duplicate the blocks, and/or delete the blocks.

The fun doesn’t stop here. There are two more editing options, which are also displayed as tabs. These are rows and themes. The rows are additional layout blocks with a choice of one to four content blocks in each row. After you drop the content blocks where you’d like them, they can be edited by simply click on them. The row properties include background, alignment, border, and spacing. After you’ve finished styling the email, don’t forget to take advantage of their other editing tools, such as spell check, spam check, split test, send test, export HTML, and save the email as a template.

Drag and Drop Features
Drag and Drop Example

In addition, iContact lets you post your emails and fresh content to the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. And there are a few options on how to do so. You can create drafts, schedule posts, and/or send quick posts. Finally, you can track the links that you’ve added to your posts.


iContact offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. While their paid services consist of the following features: premium templates, priority sending, phone support, increased send multiplier, social media marketing. For these services, the monthly pricing begins at $14 per month. This includes up to 500 subscribers for a regular email with social media scheduling. Pro-Automation service beings at $99 per month. The Pro features include everything in the email platform, as well as, these additional services: workflows, triggered messages, landing pages, engagement tracking, behavioral targeting, social monitoring, funnel reports, custom objects, and zapier integration. Receive an additional 15% discount if you do the annual prepay.

how much does icontact cost
iContact Pricing

To continue, if your number of subscribers were to increase, so would the prices of the monthly membership. For example, 501-2,500 subscribers would increase to $32 per month. However, Pro would remain at $99 per month. 2,501-5,000 subscribers would be $52 per month and Pro would jump to $129 per month, and so on.

Something to remember, iContact does specialize in high-volume sending from 15,000 to 5+ million subscribers. Call for a quote if you fall in this bracket. Lastly, current customers have the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go monthly plans.


Overall, iContact goes beyond email and sending messages to your audience. They have a comprehensive plan to reach out and convert customers. They are not a one trick pony and is worth looking into if you want a robust marketing strategy and execution. We hope you enjoyed our iContact review.

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